❝How to get found by recruiters?❞ 1 keyword & #ONO: #ProfilePopUp 214

❝How do I get found by recruiters?❞ Starts with keywords. Works in 1 with #ONO. See #ProfilePopUp 214… 🎦

PLUS some ONO myths BUSTED…

❝Recruiters skip those Open to New Opportunities.❞ Really?!! 85% of us are open. #Recruiters know it. So they’re searching us all the time!
Yet some recruiters have bias, ghost or just misunderstand… and are CLOSED to Opportunities!

❝If you’re working, you MUST be good…❞
As a consultant, I’ve replaced full-time (working) people on projects – who weren’t getting the job done.

❝If you’re ONO, you’re desperate…❞ Ever been out of a job beyond your control?
I have.

❝Only use the official #LinkedIn Open to New Opportunities setting…”
!Oh that’s right, turn on the HIDDEN Open to New Opportunities setting and THEN the recruiters will come…
Field of DREAMS that only top-level recruiters ever play!

❝When I see a profile with ONO (Open to New Opportunities), I skip them…❞
No wonder you can’t find candidates!

❝ONO doesn’t work…❞

Were you watching?

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