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ADD a job to GET one. WHY? No current job means you’re not getting one…


Need a job - then add one! Why you need a job to get one on LinkedIn - by Jared J. Wiese

January 12, 2021 in Uncategorized

Without a current job on LinkedIn

  1. 18 times FEWER profile views & searches
  2. 2 MILLION FEWER searches weekly
  3. Worst, you lost ALL-STAR status, which means 27 times FEWER search results and 40 times FEWER opportunities!


Start with ideal industry title(s), industry, skills & keywords recruiters search. Max those 100 characters!
EXAMPLE: ❝Sales & Marketing Director specializing in Healthcare Account Management❞

Use "ONO (Open to New Opportunities)" company OR repeat most of the JOB.

Add significant skills, activities, learning, more keywords/phrases, conferences, associations, education) - and always results


  • State any "consulting" only if you really are. Otherwise, you'll fail the interview and background checks!
  • KEEP NETWORKING! This is not enough.
  • SHOW ME PROOF: Search your title. Most results start "Current" or "Past" for how they were found!


If you DON'T want to Notify your network, UNCHECK that option when adding and don't use #ONO / #OpenToWork

It's easy to LIKE; but a WIN-WIN to SHARE...
more visibility for you; help others fare!

Follow AND engage➤ #ProfilesThatPOP on LinkedIn for JOBS & LEADS

Best, Jared J. WIESE

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