Likes and views are greatSo don’t miss it when people tag you in! Here are 3 #TipsThatPOP to never miss a key comment on LinkedIn:

  1. Go to Notifications on a browser
  2. Scroll for the timeframe you missed
  3. Search for each of these 3 terms…
  • replied to your
  • mentioned you in
  • commented on your

Then search them all and reply!

Special shout out to W. Kevin Ward for doing a video on this and getting me dig in more!

How to Connect on Linkedin the Best Way - Jared J. Wiese - Profiles That POP!™
How to Connect on Linkedin the Best Way – Jared J. Wiese – Profiles That POP!™

A year ago I wrote a post on how to connect in 3 steps – whether on the app or browser. It’s still true today. Maybe more than ever!

❝It’s sad the way people connect on LinkedIn. No wonder they never hear back!

There are dozens of ways to send generic LinkedIn connection requests. From address book uploads… to People/connections “you may know”… to the myriad of times you see CONNECT.

Just click the easy button!

The problem?

It puts the burden on the receiver to figure out WHY…

Why you want to.

Why they should.

Which means, they are more likely NOT to accept!

So increase your connections the right way

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

➊ is better off personalizing.

But there are only ➋ ways you can

And only ➌ steps on both.

HOW to #PERSONALIZE your LinkedIn #connection#requests:


➊ Go to their PROFILE first!

➋ Click Connect. Note it says, “LinkedIn members are more likely to accept invitations that include a personal note.”

➌ Click “Add a note” instead of just “Send now”.


➊ Go to their PROFILE first!

➋ Tap MORE/… to the right of CONNECT.

➌ Tap “Personalize invite”.

Then ENGAGE a bit!

You know… NETWORK! 😉 ❞