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#ProfilePopUp 002 – FREE LinkedIn REVIEWS – Profiles That POP!™

This was my 2nd #ProfilePopUp for Mic Adams, an Android video review showing LinkedIn tips & tricks that help get Profiles That 🅿🅾🅿!™ What It Is A #ProfilePopUp started from my #3freetips article – which was a way to help others, show expertise & maybe earn business. I wanted this to go well, because I saw so…
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How to Connect on LinkedIn the Best Way – 3 Simple Steps!

A year ago I wrote a post on how to connect in 3 steps – whether on the app or browser. It’s still true today. Maybe more than ever! ❝It’s sad the way people connect on LinkedIn. No wonder they never hear back! There are dozens of ways to send generic LinkedIn connection requests. From address book…
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