My Clear Charges

Once you know how much you are losing every day, consider my charges below.

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Get back in charge of your career and know why!




  • My 1:1 coaching gives you feedback on anything career related...
  • We cover resumes, LinkedIn, interviews, cover letters, lead generation, etc.
  • You get clarity and extra help on what's best for your career for more jobs or leads!
Costs for resume writing services - ProfilesThatPOP


Get seen, searched & selected for more opportunities coming to you!




  • My 26-step LinkedIn process is mostly done for you with even more proven work.
  • We focus on 12 sections, confirmed by working with LinkedIn.
  • You get proof you are getting seen, searched & selected on LinkedIn & Google for more opportunities!

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Your Unseen Costs

Before focusing on just the fees, consider the costs: Your Opportunity Costs!

Every $25,000 in lost earnings costs you $100/day.

Not to mention the time and frustration of doing it alone.

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