Check Your LinkedIn VITALS

LinkedIn Vitals Check 1. Check if you're getting to Google

  1. Open a Private/Incognito browser. This ensures it's an unbiased search.
  2. Type your full name and add " LinkedIn" - no quotes. For example: Jared Wiese LinkedIn
  3. Are you at the top of results? If NOT, you have a settings problem on LinkedIn. That is limiting your leverage on LinkedIn and impacting your visibility on LinkedIn and Google searches.

LinkedIn Vitals Check 2. Find your WEEKLY SEARCHES

  1. Go to
  2. Check the number at top next to "number of times your profile appeared in search results". This is how often you're getting searched.
  3. Check the middle section. This is companies where your searchers work and what they do.
  4. Check the bottom section for "KEYWORDS your searchers used". This is how well you're getting found on your terms.

LinkedIn Vitals Check 3. Find your LINKEDIN PROFILE VIEWS

    1. Go to

    2. The number on top is your profile viewers in the past 90 days and the percent change since last week.

    3. If not paying for premium, you'll also see up to the last 5 profile viewers below.

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