Learn how #ONO started on LinkedIn

Lesson 1

We started it in 2017. (See the next lesson.) The original intent was to let others know you are Open to New Opportunities. Open to new jobs.

That was useful, but not enough. You CANNOT just add #ONO to a LinkedIn profile and expect a job! Not even an ALL-STAR profile. (See more in lesson 5.)

Here's how most people use it wrong.

  1. They still have a poor profile, then add it and think it will magically get them a job. It's the equivalent of advertising "Hey! Give me a job!". Hiring managers have a job to fill. A need. They don't need to "give" you a job. Show them your value 1st and foremost!
  2. Even if they show their value and skills, they add #ONO the wrong way. You need it in more places than just your headline.
  3. Once they have all that in place, they aren't getting found in searches. I've gotten people found #1 in LinkedIn searches - out of millions! I've even done videos showing how. Keep going in the course to learn how you could do the same…

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    • Thanks, Marco. I recently did a LinkedIn Live showing how #ONO can get you found out of millions!
      But that’s only when you do it the right way and at the right time…

  • Pen