How to Get Found the Best for Job Opportunities With #ONO

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About this course

This course is about #ONO - Open to New Opportunities… and Open to Everyone! ;)

I’ve been helping people with #ONO since creating it in 2017. (See more in lessons 1 & 2.)

In 2020, LinkedIn caught on and added #OpenToWork. (Want to learn more about that? Tell me in the comments below!)

But neither is enough. It’s HOW you use them that is key.

Join the course, ask us questions, and get the right answers! But I need YOU to tell us how we can best help. Because it’s easy to add #ONO; but another thing to get results…


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Course Structure

Learn how #ONO started on LinkedIn

  • How #ONO started
  • How it is used - good and bad!
  • What's next...

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Join the LinkedIn #ONO Group

Learn and see how to join the LinkedIn group for #ONO.

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Leverage the #ONO LinkedIn Company

  • Follow company "#ONO (Open to New Opportunities)" for the frequent tips!
  • Engage with the company to keep seeing them
  • If unemployed, use the company as your current position (see the course content to learn how)

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Learn How #ONO Gets You Found for Jobs in LinkedIn Searches

Learn how #ONO Gets You Found for Jobs in LinkedIn Searches

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See how to get ALL-STAR, before #ONO

See how ALL-STAR is needed before adding #ONO.

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See how to get found by recruiters in a 1 word search!

In this video, we'll show you a profile that added #ONO correctly.

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BONUS: Get the 3 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for JobSeekers

Learn the Best 3 Ways to Make LinkedIn ProfilesThatPOP!

You need a GREAT profile that POPS! One that comes up in searches, and makes people want to keep reading.

After you get that, then you can think about attracting your audience.

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