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These are tips & tricks for LinkedIn ProfilesThat🅿🅾🅿!™ more opportunities (jobs & leads)
❝You've got 7 seconds... for 1st impressions❞ Do you feel lucky or 🅿🅾🅿!™?

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ProfilePopUp 001

This is the LinkedIn profile review that started them all - from and for a business coach!

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ProfilePopUp 002

This social media guru's hard #3FreeTips turned into a #ProfilePopUp!

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ProfilePopUp 003

This LinkedIn profile review was for an Industrial Engineer.

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ProfilePopUp 004

This one discussed: COMPEL, COMPANY, CONTEXT...

➊ COMPEL - We see as little as "Solution provider, empowe" on the app. Compel us to click!
➋ COMPANY - Icons are missing unless you select from a list. You have to create them for your own company. Leverage the job titles for #LinkedInSEO.
➌ CONTEXT - Throughout your profile, you could use more of your personal story and keywords to help brand you as someone we "know, like & trust"!


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ProfilePopUp 005

How to Handle Employment Gaps When #ONO

3 points. 3 minutes. 3 wins!