How to Get and Give the Best LinkedIn Recommendations in 5 Minutes

Social proof is hugely important!

Think of your last purchase from Amazon.

Didn't you consider the reviews?

So here are tips, examples and ways you can give back to others with LinkedIn Recommendations.

It's a win-win:

more visibility for both the giver and receiver.

Here's the key:

When asking for them, give specific keywords you'd like to be mentioned up front.

For example, I'd be asking people to use the keywords: LinkedIn Optimization, Resume Writing and Career Coaching

Why is this important?

These words may be found in searches!

But people only skim them and/or be shown the first 100 characters!

What LinkedIn Recommends

LinkedIn says a quality recommendation is worth more than skill endorsements.

  • A recommendation gives social proof, making you more credible.
    It also gives more visibility to the giver!
  • A poor recommendation might actually hurt.
    See 11 Sloppy LinkedIn Mistakes That You're Too Qualified to Make (The Muse).
    NOTE: You can hide recommendations if you need to.
  • Endorsements and Recommendations that don’t really say anything about your value are worthless.
    This includes sentences like, “She is great” or “I recommend her.”
    But you can’t put the blame on the person who gave you the recommendation. Instead, ask them for more context...

Best Recommendation Tips

Here’s the secret: Give more than you receive! 

  • When you give one, it encourages the receiver to want to give one to you, while making you look good.
  • Don’t be afraid of having 1:2 or even up to 1:4 ratio of received/given!
  • Endorsing skills works the same way. Give to receive.
  • But when common sense isn't so common and they don't reciprocate, ask...

How to Ask for Really Helpful Recommendations

How to Write Amazing Recommendations That Actually Help

Reasons to Recommend

Always earn a recommendation!

If you are NOT getting LinkedIn notifications or feed content you want, it's because liking and following are no longer enough.

Here's a post I did about that.

LinkedIn ENGAGEMENT is a Win-Win - it helps spread the word and brings visibility to your profile!

In all content I share, I simply ask to engage with a like, comment or share to help others!

Influencer testing shows that thoughtful comments of at least 5 words, 3-5 times a day will boost your views.

And I'd recommend reacting to everything - even your own posts, comments and replies!
E.g. If you ask a question in a comment, add the Curious reaction.

Consider Recommending Me!

Nothing like a little Karma kickback! 😉

So, if I've helped you, please consider RECOMMENDING ME.

See my 5-part series: Recommendations That POP - Tips, Templates & Examples in one PDF.

posted October 5, 2020

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