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Beat the Bots: Most companies immediately scan your resume. Most don't pass!
Survive the Scan: Then, you need to survive the 6-second recruiter eye scan. Do you?
Get the Interviews: If you're not getting any, you have a résumé or LinkedIn problem. 12-step Resume Writing Services fixes all that.

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I research, prove and teach you why you only have seconds.
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What My clients say

Wish found Jared... before wasting money

I wish I had found Jared before I spent money with another business to help me professionalize my resume & profile➤

Using his tips, my profile jumped to the third position in the LinkedIn search results...

recommendation from Steve
S. sullivan

Fantastic resume and LinkedIn makeover... and honest opinions why

Jared [gave] my resume and LinkedIn profile a fantastic makeover; also SEO, name it!➤

Jared will tell you his honest opinions and why things work the way they do, and that's why you hire him...

recommendation from Steve

Backs up results... with tips, advise and best practices

In a sea of self-professed LinkedIn experts, resume doctors, and career coaches, Jared backs up his vision with superior results!➤

I received tons of tips, advise, and best practices...

recommendation from Eric
E. Emery

What Are You Waiting For?