How Chronotype Is The Best Impact On Happiness And Productivity

Are you a Night Owl, Early Bird or 3rd Bird?

Here are the 3 “chronotypes” & the best ways to directly impact your #happiness and #productivity.

  • We usually peak during the morning, drop swiftly in the afternoon and climb back up in the evening weekdays, regardless of race or nationality.

NIGHT OWLS: 20-25% peak at 9PM for thinking analytically, while the morning is for creative and insightful tasks. They prefer to get down to business late, and tend to experience their positive rebound in the morning.

EARLY BIRDS: tend to experience the peak, trough and rebound a few hours earlier than normal. They’re also usually a bit more stable, happy, agreeable and introverted than the rest.

3RD BIRDS: 60-80% (neither early birds nor owls) find the morning peak best to handle analytical tasks that require a logical, focused and disciplined mind. As for tasks that require more abstract or “outside the box” thinking, this is best handled during the rebound of the late afternoon and early evening.

ALL: schedule the mindless, busy-work tasks during the afternoon trough. And if you’re trying to get a favorable decision from someone, always try to book a morning appointment.

SOURCE: WHEN by Daniel Pink

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