How to Get a Job with a Dream Team

Getting a job is like joining a sports team when you were a kid. You get a sheet of paper that says which teams you can try out for. Then you bring that sheet to the field…

You line up. The coaches arrive…

Do you:
A) Stand there holding the paper and hope you get picked?
B) Jump around, waving the paper – and get noticed?
… In either case, is anyone seeing that sheet of paper?

In hiring today, that paper is your résumé. Nobody sees it on the field. And 92% would say the field is LinkedIn! You’re going to get checked out before you’re picked for the team.

Today, you’ve got to ensure they see your skills on the field, so they KNOW they need you on their team!

They pick you because of what they saw. They know you’d add value to their team – and help them score more wins!!

So be the star player. Show us how you play the game.

Do it so well, we NEED to pick you.


We’d love to help you join that dream team!
Profiles That 🅿🅾🅿!™

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