Job Search Strategies: 15 New Ideas For Your LinkedIn Profile

JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES (PART 3 of 5) – 15 New Ideas for Your LinkedIn Profile

Here are the next three points from this Forbes article, and my take on them…

JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES (PART 3 of 5)➤ 15 New Ideas for Your LinkedIn Profile… (🔗 in comments)

7. CULTIVATE KARMA: ❝Write an unsolicited recommendation of someone you really respect, and send it over to them… and maybe someone will do the same for you!❞
MY TAKE: Give to receive. Find out what they are looking to highlight. (Ask for link🔗: Your 5-Minute Guide)

8. REQUEST RECOMMENDATIONS: ❝Why wait for karma to come back? …ask for the kind of social proof that’s going to make your personal brand stand out. Be specific about the role, as well as the qualities you would like recommended.❞
MY TAKE: This is the most important aspect on LinkedIn. Social Proof. (Ask for link🔗: 4 Keys to Scoring Amazing LinkedIn Recommendations)

9. POST INTERESTING STUFF: ❝…like this! 😜 Share your insights by writing up what you liked most about the article and why people should check it out.❞
MY TAKE: Always give a summary or your take on shares. Quality of content is king. Never post links!

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SOURCE: Chris Westfall on Forbes

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