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Jared J. Wiese named a LinkedIn Expert in 2020-10-19...

LinkedIn experts - smart people to follow and work with 2020-10-19 - Jared J. Wiese of!™

Jared J. Wiese - 12 times #1 on the #LinkedInROCKSTARS List

What's a #LinkedInROCKSTAR? Here's the FAQ from the creator:

#LinkedInROCKSTARS FAQ 2020-03-07

In this post, creator Brenda Meller said:

❝Want to ROCK on LinkedIn? Look up and follow these people. Presenting the Meller Marketing #LinkedInROCKSTARS, the March 7, 2020 edition.

"If you want to really get involved, build a network and make a difference on #LinkedIn, then be a R-O-C-K-S-T-A-R like this folks: (thanks Jeff Young for the acronym)

“R”eal desire to help
“O”utstanding knowledge
“C”aring attitude
“K”ind and giving
“S”uper connections
“T”rust your network
“A”ctively engage
“R”elationship builder"

This list includes those who focus on LinkedIn as part of their business services. % increase is since the last report on 2/1/20 for this group. Orange shows YOY growth.❞

Getting ON the #LinkedInROCKSTARS list is hard. You had to be nominated a LinkedIn Expert.

Getting #1 is even harder! You had to be giving enough value to have your follower PERCENT (not #) go up highest from all 70 other #LinkedInROCKSTARS! 

I Made #1 on #LinkedInROCKSTARS 9 Times!

LinkedIn Expert - Jared J. Wiese - #LinkedInROCKSTAR 9 times

LinkedIn Expert - Jared J. Wiese - #LinkedInROCKSTAR 9 times

In total, I believe I've been #1 on the #LinkedInROCKSTARS LinkedIn Trainers list 12 times as I eventually moved to the 100,000+ Followers edition in May, 2020...

Jared J. Wiese - joins Meller Marketing 100K+ #LinkedInROCKSTARS 2020-05

2019 #FridayShout is for LinkedIn and resume trainer, -JARED J.WIESE-

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I’ve learned a lot from Jared and suggest you all give him a follow if you want to stay up to date on what’s moving and shaking on LinkedIn...

How to POP your LinkedIn Profile with POP!™ Expert Jared Wiese

In this 22 Motivational Minutes with MARLO HIGGINS Podcast (JUNE 19, 2019 EPISODE 9 - PART 1) we covered:

  • What is POP!™ and why you need it
  • The process with Marlo Jared's branding mindset
  • Making of Mavericks...
How to POP your LinkedIn Profile - Jared J. Wiese of - Interviewed by Marlo Higgins

❝There really are LinkedIn Experts and JARED J-WIESE is absolutely one of them...❞

There really are linkedin experts and Jared J. Wiese is absolutely one of them!

Dave Rosenberg posted, ❝People, JARED J-WIESE produces yet another excellent video that can help ALL of us be better users of this platform.

Many weeks ago I published an article that was a bit provocative around what I referred to as the "LinkedIn experts." I called out several folks who claimed they were experts and were even charging for their services.

Well, here I am today and I have to say I am a BELIEVER. There really are LinkedIn Experts and JARED J-WIESE is absolutely one of them.

If you want to improve your LI skills - anything from profile to navigation, he is a great resource! Get to know him, connect and follow! You will be glad you did, I know I am!❞

Outstanding LinkedIn Resources - Recommended by #TheLinkedInGuru

Outstanding Resources on LinkedIn Recommended by #TheLinkedInGuru - Jared J. Wiese

In my travels on LinkedIn I have met many wonderful people, teachers, coaches and trainers who focus on helping folks use LinkedIn. Here is a list of my favorites. Highly recommended! Namaste!

Tips-for-2019-Job-Search - Jared J. Wiese

The LinkedIn Expert List - Wildfire Social Marketing

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What is a LinkedIn Expert? When engaging any expert, how do you know they are the best expert for you?  How do you know what you’re getting when you engage a LinkedIn specialist, trainer, or consultant?

World Linkedin Trainers

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Public mind map by Pedro Caramez

LinkedIn Search SEO Finds You Jobs & Leads - ProfilesThatPOP!™

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The right settings and SEO on LinkedIn finds YOU for jobs and leads in 2019. Here are some examples of SEO - Search Engine Optimization that can reach Google to attract JOBS & LEADS

Free Career Advice & Job Articles - #ProfilePopUp #ProfilesThatPOP

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Career Advice and Job Articles for Do-It-Yourself Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs Attract JOBS & LEADS with #RésumésThatPOP, #ProfilesThatPOP & LinkedIn Coaching -!™

What about Resume Writing?

Well, here's some of my Best Resume Advice with 2,400+ Views...

Jared J. Wiese - Best Resume Advice - 2,400+ Views

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