LinkedIn Lead Generation

Getting more opportunities from LinkedIn takes more than just having a profile!

Are you leveraging LinkedIn or just lurking around? Are you getting people saying, “I found you on LinkedIn?”

I am and can prove it. That's what I do for you!

Lead Generation Proof for Jobs

An "ALL-STAR" profile is not enough. You need help and proof that it works.

Here's a past executive job seeker client's profile views - before and after.

After our work, his views/leads went from good, to Better to BEST (+1,575%)...

Lead Generation Proof for Small Business

Here's a small business client who had an average of 3 profile views (leads) per week.

They went to 127 IN A WEEK after our work...

 Either way, we go by proof that our work helps drive your audience to your profile!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. First you have to get seen.
  2. Then you have to know your key search terms and where to put them.
  3. So you get found and then viewed for them.

Easier said than done. We help with all that and more...

  1. Getting you found by recruiters or prospects
  2. For your desired roles or terms
  3. On LinkedIn AND Google

That's all good, but even once they get to your profile do they view and stay? Are they contacting you? Or are you getting ghosted like most people these days? That's proof of what we do for ProfilesThatPOP!™…

  1. Get your Performance
  2. Add our Optimization
  3. For your Proven opportunities!

Collaborating and Coaching

Even if you are searched, found and viewed… are they engaging with you?

We cover:

  1. Discovering and distilling your value
  2. Making your story and results POP!™
  3. Coaching for Career and LinkedIn ROI

See a great example profile doing all this. 😉

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