Linkedin Optimization

So you have a LinkedIn profile. Great! But is it optimized? At the end of the day, are you leveraging LinkedIn or just wasting time?

Above all, are you getting more opportunities from LinkedIn? Are you getting people saying, “I found you on LinkedIn?” I am. And I prove you will too when we're done.

See it’s one thing to be “on” LinkedIn. Even with an "ALL-STAR" profile. It’s another when others find you. And even magical when more people view your profile!

LinkedIn Optimization Proof

Work with me to make your luck. And I'll prove it.

Here's a past client - before and after...

After a few days work, a client's views/leads went from good, to Better to BEST (+1,575%)...

…see the LinkedIn profile views change?

That's proof that our work helped drive that person's audience to their profile.

LinkedIn Lead Generation for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First you have to get seen. Then know your audience search terms, and get found for them.

Easier said than done. We help with all that...

  • Getting you found by recruiters or prospects
  • For your desired roles or terms
  • On LinkedIn AND Google

That's all good, but even once they get to your profile do they view and stay? Are they contacting you? Or are you getting ghosted like most people these days?

LinkedIn POP!™

That’s where we come in… Getting you Profiles That POP!™…

  • Your Performance
  • +Our Optimization
  • =More Potential for you!

Collaborating and Coaching

See even if you are searched, found and viewed… are they engaging with you? You with them? We teach you how:

  • Discovering and distilling your value
  • Making your story and results POP!™
  • Coaching for Career and LinkedIn ROI

All Our Processes

Here are all our processes…

See Our Processes In Action

Want to see us in action?

Learn more about Our LinkedIn Profile Writing Process.

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