3 Ways LinkedIn Profile Writing Gets the Best Opportunities

If you thought resume writing was tough, my LinkedIn Profile Writing process has 26 proprietary steps!

And this applies whether you're a job seeker or small business.

Actually for businesses, there are 30 steps!

Where My LinkedIn Profile Writing Helps

I learned the top 12 sections of a LinkedIn profile after LinkedIn hired me to review LinkedIn profiles.

What they didn't tell me was how to make them better.

So I now make sure you are seen, searched AND selected...

Are You Seen?

See, it's one thing to have a profile. Even what LinkedIn calls an "ALL-STAR" profile. But is it even seen? Is it knocking it outta the park or sitting in left field?

Have the wrong settings and not only are you invisible on LinkedIn, but you never make it to Google. Can your own web page make it to LinkedIn? Nope!

Do it right and you get to page 1 on Google, like I do. That's where 90%+ of recruiters and leads check you out!

Again, are you seen or do you strike out?

Are You Searched?

Do us a favor, will ya? Check your weekly search stats.

Look at the bottom 1/3 of the page. It should be showing ❝Keywords your searchers used❞. When it doesn't even show that, you're in REAL trouble. 

Do they match what you want to be found for? If not, you've got problems...

Maybe you don't WANT to be seen!


This is where the rubber meets the road. Do you POP!™ enough in those searches to get viewed?

Not talking gimmicks. (Ok, a little bit! 😉 Just enough to stand out from the competition that comes back in search results.

Then the real work begins... if you're lucky enough to get selected, do they peel your profile like a sweet onion?

Or do they CRY at first sight? 

How Ya Batting?

Again, are you even an ALL-STAR?

Want to hit a home run?!...

Well, you're in luck! Or rather, you're about to make your luck. And I'll prove it.

Here's a past client - before and after...

After a few days work, a client's views/leads went from good, to Better to BEST (+1,575%)...

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