Linkedin Training

We offer LinkedIn Training for individuals and groups by the hour.

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LinkedIn Speaker at DreamBank – Jared J. WIESE – JOBS♦️LEADS♦️JOY

Why You Need Linkedin Training

Are you posting on LinkedIn, and getting barely any likes – or even views?

Are you spending a lot of time on some social media, but not seeing an ROI in new leads or recruiter calls?

We can help!

Who We Train

We’ve talked to marketing departments, at LinkedIn Local events, and of course, individuals.

We’ve even coached other Career Coaches, Resume Writers and LinkedIn “Experts”!

Why are you wasting your time doing things on your own?

Automation Is a Joke!

See, most people think they can automate their social media presence with tools like Buffer and Hootsuite.

While that may work on some platforms, it certainly doesn’t work on LinkedIn or Facebook!

Instead of saving time, you end up WASTING time!

How We Help

In even an hour session, you’ll be amazed at the years of practical knowledge and wisdom that we cover.

And it’s not just LinkedIn either. It’s our take on all social media – where you get the best bang for your buck. And as technical as you want!

We deliver what you need, how you need it.

Can we help?

With RESUME WRITING, CAREER COACHING or LINKEDIN, what’s your biggest challenge, frustration or question?

With Resume Writing, LinkedIn or Career Coaching... what’s your biggest challenge, frustration or question?