Resume Examples

Here are some of our resume examples. Please keep in mind this is only a sample and every resume we do is unique to the individual AND job.

Resume Examples 1

First of all, notice this sample resume example format is hard to read due to it looking all the same.

Furthermore, it has big blocks of text. (Did you see how I just broke that up to make sure you saw this sentence?  That’s what this resume could use!

Resume Example 1 BEFORE

In contrast, with this resume example, it has lots of white space and will allow a good eye scan. It is still too busy, but much better…

Resume Example 1 AFTER


Resume Examples 2 (Product Manager)

Here’s another example. BEFORE… Everything is crammed in the first half page. By the confusing middle section, you’ve lost the reader – and the ATS. The rest looks the same and doesn’t POP…

Resume Example 2 BEFORE

After redoing this resume, it sells the client on the first 1/2 page, then makes you want to keep reading with a clean simple structure…

Resume Example 2 AFTER

Resume Examples 3 (VP Sales)

Here’s a 3rd resume example

Resume Example 3 BEFORE (VP Sales)

Look better?…

Resume Example 3 AFTER (VP Sales)

Resume Examples 4 (Supply Chain)


Resume Example 4 BEFORE – Head of Lean Supply Chain

Look better?…

Resume Example 4 AFTER- Head of Lean Supply Chain

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