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Resume Examples

My Resume Writing Services are unique to each person and their best career accomplishments, goals and desired job.

The resumes below are only some examples of before and after my work. 

I don't use cookie-cutter templates you can get on the web! Every resume is unique.

Example #1 - Technology Executive

First of all, notice this sample resume example format is hard to read due to it looking all the same.

Furthermore, it has big blocks of text. (Did you see how I just broke that up to make sure you saw this sentence?  That’s what this resume could use!

Resume Examples - 1 Technology Executive BEFORE - Jared J. Wiese - Resume Writing Services - LinkedIn Profile Writing Service - Career Coaching

In contrast to other resume examples, after my work, this one has lots of white space for a good eye scan.

It is still too busy, but much better:

Resume Examples - 1 Technology Executive AFTER - Jared J. Wiese - Resume Writing Services - LinkedIn Profile Writing Service - Career Coaching

Resume Example #1 - BEFORE and AFTER

Here are the resume examples - before and after:

Example #2 - VP Product Manager

Here’s another set of resume examples.

BEFORE… Everything is crammed in the first half page.

By the confusing middle section, you’ve lost the reader – and the ATS. The rest looks the same and doesn’t POP…

After redoing this resume, it sells the client on the first 1/2 page. Then it makes you want to keep reading with a clean simple structure…

Example #3 - VP Sales Executive

Here’s a set of resume examples for a VP exec. Before:

And after:

Example #4 - VP Supply Chain

Here's the resume before…

And after:

Why just look at resume examples?

See some proven resume results!

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