You can do better than Spray 'n Pray. And get PROOF!

What You Get

  • I give your initial resume ATS scan score based on key AI criteria and what recruiters and hiring managers want
  • I collaborate on content, create résumés* that match ideal jobs, pass the ATS, and survive the scan in seconds
  • It includes the following 22 detailed checks, ATS compliant résumés* and my experience to make you 🅿🅾🅿!™
    • *You get as many résumés created or updated as our time allows, per the invoice

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What They Said...

❝Being someone who has received and reviewed hundreds of resumes in my years of hiring individuals I felt fully qualified to write my own resume when the need arose. Wow, was I wrong!

My resume was not getting me much attention and I kept hearing about this evil ATS monster, which I didn't fully understand and figured since the stakes were so high why not get a second opinion on my resume writing skills, be careful what you ask for. 😉

I came across Jared J. Wiese by chance on LinkedIn and his comments on several threads stood out and thought he might be able to help me out.

When reviewing his page, I also saw the option for getting some assistance with LinkedIn Optimization and asked him to review my Profile as well.

Jared promptly responded to my query and reviewed my resume and my Profile, Jared then set up a Zoom meeting to go over the results.

What an eye opener! not only was he able to point out numerous areas for improvement on both my resume and my Profile, but the insights he provided also helped me to focus and really drill down on what I really wanted and how I could best highlight my value and who I am to potential employers.

If you are looking for some assistance with your resume writing and how to best optimize LinkedIn I could not recommend Jared J. Wiese more.❞

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