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The Resume Problem

Remember the good old days when resumes and business cards were printed on fancy flecked paper like this background?

That no longer works. Now you need to beat the bots instantly, pass eye scans in seconds, and prove you can do the job.

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To see what's needed, I pay for a bot-beating service that does 20+ checks.

It's made from recruiters and hiring managers at companies like Google and McKinsey.

It ensures your résumé will beat the bots and get you interviews. 

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The LinkedIn Problem

LinkedIn suggests an ALL-STAR profile is all you need. 

But that just means you've filled in 7 sections.

How do I know? LinkedIn hired me to check 12 sections. But they never check the content.

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Get seen, searched and selected with 26 proven steps.

Watch your profile views go from good, to better, to the BEST 🅿🅾🅿!™

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