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Our Resume Writing is NOT

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My Real Life Resume

16 years ago, I put my resume on a job board.
I got a job with relocation the next day. But that no longer works!

I learned early in my career, that I was the only one in charge. So I’ve learned what works on resumes. And I’ve been on all sides of hiring…

  • on a committee putting out job ads and reviewing applicants
  • “one of those guys” having seconds before an interview to review YOUR resume and then interview you
  • a jobseeker, getting interviewed and making all the classic mistakes – learning the hard way!

My Resume Results

  • I get you past the ATS (which 99% of companies use)
  • I make sure you survive the scan (recruiters spend seconds initially)
  • THEN, I sell you in the 1st half page, to compel them to want to read more and bring you in for an interview!

Our Resume Writing Services/Charges

Your attention span as short as a recruiter’s?
If so, here are our resume writing/review options:

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