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More Than Resume Writing Services

97%+ of Resume Writing Services don't pass an ATS or survive the seconds your audience gives them. Yet 97%+ WILL want to see them. And - worse - your resume needs to do WAY MORE than just pass an ATS.

Yet, for every day you're not earning $25,000 in salary or better job, it's costing you $100. Make $100,000? That's $400/day! Our services pay for themselves in 2 days.

Here's more on Your Opportunity Costs.

Speed-Quality-Cost Get what you pay for if you don't have

You get your money's worth with my Resume Writing Services...

  • I get you past the ATS (which 99% of companies use)
  • I make sure you survive the scan (recruiters spend seconds initially)
  • THEN, I sell you in the 1st half page, to compel them to want to read more and bring you in for an interview!

My Resume Writing Services are NOT...

Real Resume Writing Services

17 years ago, I put my resume on a job board. I got a job with relocation the next day. But that no longer works!

I learned early in my career, that I was the only one in charge. So I'm always researching the best for resumes. 

And I’ve been on all sides of hiring…

  • on a committee putting out job ads and reviewing applicants
  • “one of those guys” having seconds before an interview to review YOUR resume and then interview you
  • a jobseeker, getting interviewed and making all the classic mistakes – learning the hard way!

What doesn't work

You need a lot more than spraying fancy resumes for jobs or tossing business cards for leads.

And you need to do it in less than 5 seconds.

That's where ProfilesThatPOP!™ Resume Writing Services can help...

Start with value

First you need to understand your value - what sets you apart.

Then you need to distill it down, so you can know how to best showcase it.

After all that, you have to package it in a way that tells your story and conveying your value. That's REAL Resume Writing Services!

But do it fast!

There's a reason why you get so little time. The ATS, technology advances and demands on recruiters.

Ladders found in 2012 we had 6 seconds. Then in 2018, they discovered it went to 7 seconds.

Why? We were in a recession in 2012. And Forbes found it was only 5 seconds in 2018.

Either way, what do you think it is with COVID-19?!

Let's review what you're up against from an ATS Maker, then give you a free scan below to check...

Why 2021 Hiring is Hopeless Without an Applicant Tracking System

11 Undeniable Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

1. New Hires Generate Revenue More Quickly

2. Hire Top Performing Candidates Before Your Competition

3. Track Hundreds of Resumes With Ease

4. An ATS Creates a Dynamite First Impression

5. Your Competitors Are Using An ATS

6. Recruitment Texting is a Must in 2020

7. Quickly Narrow Down The Application Pool

8. Screening Questions Help You Find Better Candidates

9. ATS Can Post To Multiple Online Job Boards

10. Applicant Tracking Systems Improve Collaboration

11. Applicant Tracking Systems Help You Comply With Labor Laws


See what you're up against? Now, upload your résumé and let's give you free scan and tips...

Why LinkedIn is better than Resume Writing Services

Until 2012 you could put your resume on a job board or hand out business cards.

Then the recession ended, a worldwide market boomed, and businesses couldn't keep up.

Their attention spans shrank and they moved to AI and ATS systems.

Resume Examples - 1 Technology Executive BEFORE and AFTER - Jared J. Wiese - Resume Writing Services - LinkedIn Profile Writing Service - Career Coaching

Plus with LinkedIn what used to work by networking individually or to a room of people is now an audience of millions!

You've heard of Six Degrees of Separation, right?

It's why LinkedIn was made and there's even a patent on it.

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