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97%+ of resumes and LinkedIn profiles don't pass an ATS or survive the seconds your audience gives them. Yet 97%+ WILL want to see them. And - worse - your resume needs to do WAY MORE than just pass an ATS.

Yet, for every day you're not earning $25,000 in salary or better job, it's costing you $100.
Make $100,000? That's $400/day! Our services pay for themselves in 2 days. Here's more on Your Opportunity Costs.

We help all of that with Resume Writing, LinkedIn Optimization and Career Coaching...

What doesn't work

You need a lot more than spraying fancy resumes for jobs or tossing business cards for leads.

And you need to do it in less than 5 seconds.

That's where ProfilesThatPOP!™ can help...

Know your value

First you need to know your value, distill it down, and showcase it!

Then you need to get seen, searched and selected - because of that perceived value.

Not sure how? That's where our coaching comes in. If you've got great experience but trouble telling or selling it, we can help!

Do it fast!

There's a reason why you get so little time. ATS, technology advances and attention spans.

Ladders found in 2012 we had 6 seconds. Then in 2018, they upped it to 7 seconds. Why? We were in a recession. Forbes found it was 5 seconds in 2018.

What do you think it is with COVID-19?

Just need a resume?

See what you're up against...

❝99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS❞ SOURCE: Jobscan
❝99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS❞ SOURCE: Jobscan

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Our Resume Writing is NOT...

Why Leverage LinkedIn

Until 2012 you could put your resume on a job board or hand out business cards. Then the recession ended, a worldwide market boomed, and businesses couldn't keep up.

Their attention spans shrank and they moved to AI and ATS systems.

Plus with LinkedIn what used to work by handing out business cards or resumes to a room of people not only stopped working, but you now can do it to an audience of millions! You've heard of Six Degrees of Separation, right? It's why LinkedIn was made and there's even a patent on it.

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