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Why we use an ATS service

We’ve been writing resumes for over 16 years. But there’s so much that goes into it to get, distill and showcase your past accomplishments. It’s why our favorite answer to many resume questions is, “it depends”.

Yet there are some things most would agree. Recruiters and hiring managers want proof. We’re not talking duties and responsibilities. We’re talking results.

Why? Results help the reader infer what you can offer them. So we don’t leave it to chance.

What’s an ATS?

Now, before we go on, you need to know what an ATS is. It stands for Applicant Tracking System.

And It is often what stands between you and that dream job.

Resume Worded says, “over ninety percent of resumes are discarded before they reach a hiring manager or a recruiter!”

Why Resume Worded?

We chose Resume Worded for many reasons:

  1. More than keywords: The CEO leveraged his computer science degree to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the tool which, he says, “parses, analyzes and scores it based on 100+ attributes. It then generates a detailed report with human-like feedback and presents it to the user.” (See an example.)
  2. Fancy isn’t best: “Most resume-related products out there are focused on only the visual elements of resumes (i.e. templates) and don’t address the problem that what people struggle with is the actual content and wording of their resumes. Even if English is your native language, it’s hard to write impactful yet concise bullet points to describe your achievements.
  3. Nothing beats examples: Per the CEO, “Most people, including me, work best with examples. We end up asking our friends for examples of their resumes, which give us great ideas on what sentences work and how to word them. This gave me the initial idea of the first version of Resume Worded.”
  4. Resume content builder: “Let’s face it. A good resume template is not going to get you a job. Instead, your achievements on your resume will. Recruiters are substance over style kind of people. What they really care about are your bullet points. Each line must be concise, show you have the right experience, and demonstrate your impact. There are hundreds of resume builders out there. None of them are focused on helping you write effective resume content that will land you an interview. That’s whee our bullet point builder comes in.”
  5. Open to feedback: I used another tool and tried connecting with them for feedback. I was ghosted more than a recruiter. Not what you want in a service that is trying to get you a job! This CEO not only listens to feedback, but acts on it.
  6. Not just resumes: In addition to the classic Score my resume, they match it to jobs with a Targeted resume scan. They even offer a LinkedIn scan, a LinkedIn Headline Generator with examples, and a LinkedIn Summary Generator.

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If you want to try their ATS tools, you can sign up at

DISCLOSURE: If you buy it with that link I get a small commission. Right now, it’s the best one out there, or I wouldn’t be paying $200/month for it!

Try it for free and then decide. They have a few different tools, some parts are ‘more’ free than others.

The resume review tool Score My Resume is 40% free/60% paid and the job description targeting Targeted Resume is effectively 100% free for the first 3 uploads.

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