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95% of resumes and LinkedIn profiles don't pass an ATS or survive the seconds your audience gives them. Yet 95% WILL want to see them.

Yet, for every day you're not earning $25,000 in salary, raise, or new business, it's costing you $100.

We help all of that with Resume Writing, LinkedIn Optimization and Career Coaching.

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More About Resume Writing

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See, back in 2012 TheLadders did an eye-scan study of recruiters eyes:

How to Get Jobs in 6 Seconds! [Résumé Eye Scans]

Resume Writing Services Are Not Enough

See, 16 years ago I posted my resume on a job board and got a job the next day! Today that no longer works!

Nor does hiring resume writing services that have a great marketing budget who then hand you off to a junior person or simply follow a template!

I do all résumés myself! And I scan them against an ATS service to prove it!

Resume Only Seals the Deal

Today, the resume seals the deal. It doesn’t make it.

So you better have an outstanding LinkedIn profile and know your stuff.

Else get some Career Coaching too!

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With RESUME WRITING, CAREER COACHING or LINKEDIN, what’s your biggest challenge, frustration or question?

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With Resume Writing, LinkedIn or Career Coaching... what’s your biggest challenge, frustration or question?