3 Ways to check if LinkedIn Attracts Views

1. LinkedIn Profile Views

This is the end goal, guys!

If not many LinkedIn profile views, you've got settings, content and/or POP problems!

Who's viewed your profile - LinkedIn views
  • Go to linkedin.com/me/profile-views/
  • "Profile viewers in the past 90 days" only shows the last 5 without Premium.
  • But don't waste money on premium, unless you have a great profile!

2. LinkedIn Profile Searches

Views often happen AFTER your recruiters.

And leads SEARCH for keyword solutions to their needs.

If not many searches, LinkedIn profile views are lower.

LinkedIn - Weekly Searches
  • Go to linkedin.com/me/search-appearances/
  • How many "Search appearances" in the last week?
  • Are the "Top companies" ones you'd work for?
  • Are "Top job titles" people who'd hire you?
  • Getting found for your Keywords?

3. Getting to Google

Recruiters and leads search on Google.

With the wrong LinkedIn settings, you don't get to Google.

But do them right and LinkedIn profile views also get to Google!

Google incognito search
  1. 1
    Open an Incognito/InPrivate browser for an unbiased search.
  2. 2
    Type your name with " LinkedIn". For example: Jared Wiese LinkedIn
  3. 3
    If you're NOT at the top, you have settings issues. This limits your visibility, leverage and impact on LinkedIn and Google.

About the author

Hi, I'm Jared!

I know these 3 steps are most important for a reason.

LinkedIn hired me in 2017 to review LinkedIn profiles. 

I checked 12 sections to learn order and importance.

Forget about ALL-STAR.

It's a bare minimum of 7 sections.

And you can get better leads without it!

So experience matters.

Are you getting results from LinkedIn?

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Know the difference between LinkedIn and a resume?

LinkedIn can get you found by recruiters - if you have the right settings, content and ProfilesThatPOP!™

But a resume needs to be tailored to each job listing. You have to find the company.

And you need a resume once you get found on LinkedIn!

Glad to explain more in my career coaching. Or give you a free resume review.

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