3 Free Ways to Verify Your LinkedIn Profile Attracts Views

1. LinkedIn Profile Views

This is the end goal, guys!

If not many LinkedIn profile views,

you've got settings, content and 🅿🅾🅿!™ problems!

LinkedIn profile views
  • Go to linkedin.com/me/profile-views/ to see your LinkedIn profile views.
  • The "Profile viewers" number is how many LinkedIn profile views you've had in the past 90 days. It only shows the last 5 if you don't pay for Premium. But don't waste money on premium, unless you have a great profile.
  • If you pay for premium, you also see the "% since last week" number will actually be in a graph over 90 days. Again, be careful about wasting your money.

2. LinkedIn Profile Searches

Views often happen AFTER your recruiters and leads

SEARCH for keyword solutions to their needs.

If not many searches, LinkedIn profile views are lower.

LinkedIn Search Appearances
  • Go to linkedin.com/me/search-appearances/ to see your profile searches.
  • The "Search appearances" number is how often you got searched in the last week. If low, you may have settings or content issues.
  • Check the "Top companies your searchers work at". Are these companies you'd work for?
  • Check the "Top job titles of your searchers". Are these people who'd hire you?
  • Most important, check the "Keywords you were found for". Are you getting found for your desired job? If wrong terms, you have content issues.

3. Getting to Google

Recruiters and leads search on Google.

With the wrong LinkedIn settings, you're invisible on Google.

But do settings right and LinkedIn profile views also get to Google!

Google incognito search
  1. 1
    Open a Chrome Incognito browser tab: Ctrl-Shift-N (Windows) or Command-Shift-N (macOS). This ensures it's an unbiased search.
  2. 2
    Type your full name and add " LinkedIn" - no quotes. For example: Jared Wiese LinkedIn
  3. 3
    Are you at the top of results? If NOT, you have a settings problem on LinkedIn. (Step 1.) That is also limiting your visibility, leverage and impact on LinkedIn and Google searches. (Step 2.)

About the author


I'm Jared

I know these 3 steps are the most important things to check for a reason. LinkedIn hired me in 2017 to review LinkedIn profiles. 

They gave me 12 sections to check but didn't say what to look for. I learned the order mattered. For example, your picture is #1. #12 is the projects section.

LinkedIn also has the ALL-STAR progress checker. But that is really only a bare minimum completion check of 7 sections. And I'm getting better leads with one of them not complete!

So experience matters. Are you getting the results you want on LinkedIn?

Get in touch for more help and a free review.