Your Opportunity Costs

You want to $ave and write your own Resume. Sounds good, right?

But have you thought about the opportunity costs?

See, if it's taking longer or you're not getting results - let me point out some things you may not have considered...

Your Opportunity Costs Speed-Quality-Cost LinkedIn Resume Writing Services

More goes into LinkedIn and Resume Writing than you might think. Plus, how good are you at selling yourself in the seconds you get?

My services pay for themselves in days. How many jobs or leads have you missed? The longer you wait, the more it costs you.

Want to know how many days it takes to cover my services?

Job Seekers Salary

$25,000 missed costs you $100/day. Let me explain... 

An average work year, without holidays, weekends and vacations, is 2,000 hours. So to calculate your hourly rate, just divide your salary by 2,000. Then multiply that hourly rate by 8 to get your base daily salary.

$100,000/y / 2,000h/y = $50/h... $50*8h= $400/day. 

So at a $100,000 salary, my most expensive LinkedIn ProfilesThatPOP!™ 26-step proprietary process is paid for in 2 days.

Go a month without $100,000? That's $400/day or $400 * 20 or $8,000!

LinkedIn Lead Generation

As a business, what's your Cost Per Lead (CPL)? or Cost Per Click (CPC)? How much are you spending on marketing and advertising? 

Every serious business has a marketing budget that can spend $,$$$ per campaign. Can't tell you how many times I've heard clients say they got NOTHING from Facebook ads!

I've improved LinkedIn profiles with rebranding then used organic lead generation and proven businesses have gone from an average of 3 to 127 leads - with a few days work...

LinkedIn Profile Writing and Lead Generation Profile Views by #ProfilesThatPOP - +124 leads-wk +12,600% in 2 days

Profile Views after #ProfilesThatPOP - +124 leads-wk +12,600% in 2 days

How I Charge

My charges are based on both deliverables and time - but always value.

I get key information from you to make that determination up front.

I offer standard packages typically from $299 to $797, each. And hourly coaching at $199/hour.

My Guarantees

  • LinkedIn profiles that get you seen, searched and selected
  • Resumes that pass an ATS, POP in 1/2 page and sell in seconds
  • Hours of coaching to help you with future jobs, not just the next one

Your Guarantees

  • You will respond promptly to all information requests
  • You will actively collaborate on your career
  • You will follow my coaching and guidance

Is LinkedIn Working FOR or AGAINST you? 

Do it right, and JOBS or LEADS come to you!

Check your LinkedIn vitals!
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