Your Opportunity Costs

So you think you can do resume writing and land that job on your own?

Good for you!

But if it’s taking longer than you thought, let me point out some costs you may not have thought about.

Opportunity Cost

Speed-Quality-Cost LinkedIn Resume Writing Services
Speed-Quality-Cost LinkedIn Resume Writing Services

My charges pay for themselves in days.

The longer you wait, the more it costs you.

For every day you miss a $25,000 salary or raise, you are losing $100

Want to know how many days of [missed] pay it takes for you to cover the cost of my career services?

An average work year, without holidays, weekends, and vacations, is 2,000 hours. So to calculate your hourly rate, just divide your salary by 2,000. Then multiply that hourly rate by 8 to get your base daily salary.

$100,000/y / 2,000h/y = $50/h… $50*8h= $400/day.
At a $100,000 salary, my $797 LinkedIn Profiles That 🅿🅾🅿!™ package 26-step proprietary process is paid for in 2 days.

Go a month without $100,000? That’s $400/day or $400 * 20 = $8,000/month!

How I Charge

My fees are based on how much time it takes for me to produce results for you. These are usually my standard packages.

I need some information from you, and then make that determination up front.

I offer standard services from $47 to $497 and hourly coaching at $199/hour. *Some require more.

My Guarantees

  • LinkedIn profiles that get you seen, searched and selected
  • Resumes that pass an ATS, POP in 1/2 page and sell in seconds
  • Hours of coaching to help you with future jobs, not just the next one

Your Guarantees

  • You will respond promptly to all information requests
  • You will actively collaborate on your career
  • You will follow my coaching and guidance

Need something else?

With Resume Writing, LinkedIn or Career Coaching... what’s your biggest challenge, frustration or question?