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Sick of being ghosted by recruiters?

Not attracting opportunities on LinkedIn?

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Hi! I created ProfilesThatPOP!™ to save you time, money & frustration!

Feel better, knowing your Resume Writing Services are working for you.

So I'll give a free review to prove it...

More Than Resume Writing Services

You know LinkedIn's better than typical Resume Writing Services, right?

Not just for jobs.

Also for leads.

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Why You Need Better Resume Writing Services

It comes down to researched fact... 

❝You've got seconds...

for 1st Impressions!❞

Attention spans are shorter.

Job boards & business cards don't work.

And you now must pass an instant bot scan AND 6-second human glance.

I'll prove you do with a free review of either LinkedIn or your resume...

See, people Spray 'n Pray résumés or business cards all the time. 

But it doesn't work. 

And that creates Catch 22: No money coming in, so you "can't afford help".

So let's think this through!

You progress A-B-C for jobs or leads...

  • You have time; not much money.
    You'll do the LinkedIn Resume Writing Services & figure it out.
    But how much time? Heck, if ya got the time, I've got the free posts.
  • You know you need help...
    You'll spend a little time and money.
    But do you know WHAT to do? Is your LinkedIn working like this?
  • You want it done for you!
    No time to become the expert. 
    You need it now. And with proof!

As you progress A-B-C, you realize 

it's not fast, it's not working... 

and it's costing YOU opportunities!

Are you ready to finally invest in yourself... to earn more?

Glad to give a free scan to prove if You need help.

Let's see if I can help...

What's the 1st thing most do when they need a job? 

Update the resume! 

But should they?

Actually, they should be doing a lot more.

They should really be updating and leveraging LinkedIn.

But most have no clue how.

Whether they're a small business looking for leads.

Or a jobseeker just needing that next job.

It's usually not enough or done right!

Resume Writing Services Testimonials

❝I wish I had found Jared before I spent money with another business to help me professionalize my resume & profile. Using his tips, my profile jumped to the third position in the LinkedIn search results.❞

❝Finally landed the dream job, getting my worth and love the company and people❞

❝I asked Jared for help and went to 141 profile views, 1,220 followers and 177 [business] LEADS❞

See 60 More Recommendations.

Many paid for "top help". And got nothing.

Often clients have even paid for help, and are still getting nothing.

You get what you pay for. Wouldn't it be nice to have proof? Beginning to end.

Knowing people are at 3 stages, I offer 3 tiers of solutions:

  • Do It Yourself (more time; less cost)
  • Learn and Fix (some time; some cost)
  • Done for You (less time; more cost)

Just Stop Wasting Time!

I've spent time researching and helping myself and others in this spot.

Remember what I said about time? Stop wasting it!

It SUCKS to not have a job or leads!

And it's the ultimate pain when your livelihood is on the line.

You're torn, spending money you don't have and/or not even knowing if it will help!

And how many times have you pursued the perfect company or lead... 

Only to find out later they were far from ideal?

Time to start the whole process over again!

Resumes & Cards Not Enough

Upload a resume or hand out a business card, and you have hope.

But when you don't hear back, all you are is ghosted - and your hopes are dashed.

Back In Charge

I created ways to handle it (short-term) and prevent it (long-term).

It's about putting YOU back in charge of your career.

That's how I help you attract the right jobs or leads...

We take your great background, use my optimization and get you better opportunities.

Where I Focus

Get you seen: I ensure visibility on LinkedIn and Google

Get you searched: I craft content that gets you found

Get you selected: I add POP!™ to what gets you chosen

What If Some Traction?

Perhaps you're getting job interviews or prospects calling. Good for you!

But if they're not landing, something's not right.

Perhaps you're struggling on your value. That might take some rebranding or coaching.

❝You've got SECONDS... for 1st Impressions!❞ Literally.

  Research proved it. COVID sealed it.

Everything up to this point was a relative cakewalk. 

Now you need icing on that cake that sells you in seconds...

I call it Profiles That POP!™...

Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing -
  1. 1
    Pass the ATS: Most companies scan your résumé. And most don't pass!
  2. 2
    Survive the Scan: Then, do you survive the eye scan, in 6 seconds? Can you prove it?
  3. 3
    Get the Interviews: If you're not, you have a résumé or LinkedIn problem.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Profile Writing Service - LinkedIn Lead Generation - LinkedIn Optimization - LinkedIn Training -
  1. 1
    Get SEEN: Maximize visibility on LinkedIn and Google
  2. 2
    Get SEARCHED: Attract your audience on your terms
  3. 3
    Get SELECTED: Keep them reading and get them connecting...

Career Coaching

  1. 1
    I teach you why you only have seconds
  2. 2
    I coach you how to leverage those seconds
  3. 3
    I help you navigate your career, not just the next job or lead

More About Me

Creator and CEO of
ProfilesThatPOP!™ LLC

I've been in your shoes!

As a job seeker, I've also struggled with employment.

I've seen both sides of hiring so I know what all parties want.

I've landed jobs the day after applying, attracting recruiters, not chasing them.

I've also been named a LinkedIn Expert. I can guarantee, you need more typical Resume Writing Services today!

As an entrepreneur, I created 30 steps to attract leads. Instead of cold calls and business cards that don't get you business.

Are you getting these kinds of leads?

Either way make no mistake... You are selling yourself and need a coach who puts you back in charge or your career or business. Proven.

For the Devil's Advocates

> ❝I can't afford any help!❞

Actually, you can't afford NOT to get help. Here's your opportunity cost.

> ❝But, wait...❞ (I can hear you!)

That's why my work is collaborative. I coach as we go. And I use an ATS scanning service for résumés and LinkedIn to prove what I do. 

> ❝How do you know this will help me?❞

Because I baseline before, during, and after to prove our work! I am an IT Business Analyst/Project Manager by training, so I research and prove my help.

> Still have doubts?

So did Eric. See what he and 60+ others said.


  • I know what it's like and I know what I'm talking about. I've been on both sides of hiring and run my own business.
  • I prove you POP!™ Who else does that?
  • I coach your career. Many say the coaching alone was worth the price!


  • I don't delegate to cheap labor.
  • I don't produce "just a pretty piece of paper". I prove it works.
  • I don't do "just 1 revision". I work until we're satisfied.

What You Get With Resume Writing Services

If you need more than the free review, here's what you get with my Resume Writing Services...

  • The best Resume Writing Services now
  • Get back in charge of your career
  • Less time and frustration!
  • More opportunities - in the seconds you get
  • More income - that pays for my services+
  • Proof it works - beginning to end