How's Your Résumé?

Most resumes don't work...
Beating the bots immediately;
And recruiters in 6 seconds.

That's why I give free resume reviews.
To prove what you need.

How I help

The hiring system is broken. And people are struggling for work.

Resume Writing Services should be serving you.

That's why I give free resume reviews.

I start with resume proof

We collaborate for results

You get more interviews

Resume Writing Services

  • Beat the BOTS that companies use to reject resumes. Immediately.
  • Survive the 6-second recruiter eye scan.
  • Pass those and you get more interviews.

LinkedIn Optimization

  • Get SEEN on LinkedIn and Google.
  • Get SEARCHED by your ideal audience.
  • Get SELECTED after a profile view.

Career Coaching

  • I research all about careers.
  • So I can coach you what works.
  • And prove you're in charge of your career.
About Me

Creator of

I've been in your shoes...

As a job seeker, not sure I'd have a consulting client the next week to unemployed.

I've also been on both sides of hiring and gotten a job with relocation the day after uploading my resume. (Don't try that. It no longer works!)

As an entrepreneur, doing everything organically - like this page and free LinkedIn content - to bring in leads.

We never learned how to "sell ourselves" in school. I still have a hard time with sales!

That's why sometimes you need more. You need a coach on your side who gets it!

I'm passionate about giving you the best shot at loving Mondays again! Putting you back in charge or your career or business.

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