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❝How do I get found by recruiters?❞ Starts with keywords. Works in 1 with #ONO. See #ProfilePopUp 214… 🎦

PLUS some ONO myths BUSTED…

❝Recruiters skip those Open to New Opportunities.❞ Really?!! 85% of us are open. #Recruiters know it. So they’re searching us all the time!
Yet some recruiters have bias, ghost or just misunderstand… and are CLOSED to Opportunities!

❝If you’re working, you MUST be good…❞
As a consultant, I’ve replaced full-time (working) people on projects – who weren’t getting the job done.

❝If you’re ONO, you’re desperate…❞ Ever been out of a job beyond your control?
I have.

❝Only use the official #LinkedIn Open to New Opportunities setting…”
!Oh that’s right, turn on the HIDDEN Open to New Opportunities setting and THEN the recruiters will come…
Field of DREAMS that only top-level recruiters ever play!

❝When I see a profile with ONO (Open to New Opportunities), I skip them…❞
No wonder you can’t find candidates!

❝ONO doesn’t work…❞

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LinkedIn Profiles That POP!™️ Jobs & Leads – NOT Just Professional Résumés

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Ikigai Career Circles - PASSION PURPOSE PURSUIT PROFESSION - Jared J. Wiese -

Why do you wake up in the morning?

Is it for a CAREER you LOVE? You see, it’s all about finding your Ikigai. I revised the Japanese version to tie it better to careers and make it more memorable.

So what is your Career Ikigai (ee-kee-guy)? TL;DR: Passion+Purpose+Pursuit+Profession

Ikigai Career Circles - PASSION PURPOSE PURSUIT PROFESSION - Jared J. Wiese -
Ikigai Career Circles – PASSION PURPOSE PURSUIT PROFESSION – Jared J. Wiese –

One way to understand it is to reflect on the interrelation of the 4 Ps:

  • PROFESSION: What knowledge and skills can you be paid for?
  • PURSUIT: What can you get paid well for doing that many people need?
  • PURPOSE: What are you drawn to that the world needs?
  • PASSION: What things do you love doing, naturally?

As Melissa Hughes pointed out, the components relate, overlap and integrate in a meaningful way when we find our [center] “reason for being.” She authored an article and video, both titled “Live on Purpose”. These were influenced by Janice Kobelski‘s Do It For You.

The American Dream

Many of us start chasing the dream on the left of the big circle, focusing on an education without a clear picture of what we want to do for work. This gives us TALENTS which we then use to seek a PROFESSION.

We follow “down the right path”, looking for a job that PAYS. We have to pay the bills and all those student loans!

As we master our craft, we start up in Pursuit of a better VOCATION, as we finally get a sense of what the world really NEEDS.

Finally, we tire of the rat race and look for more of a PURPOSE (MISSION) and PASSION to address our true LOVES.

What’s Your Point?

Now, this is how most people take the path. It’s also why most of us feel like we are circling the drain, never quite hitting the mark, or missing the point. Which are YOU doing?

Are you one of the lucky few, born with a green thumb or an artist’s eye, who followed your passions and didn’t care about money?

Did this all seem obvious and silly to you, as you figured it all out without even going to school? Maybe you are one of the lucky 15% who doesn’t hate their work?

What do YOU think?

No matter who you are, your experiences or your timing, I’d LOVE to hear what you think about this topic! What do you like best about #Ikigai?

Do More

Print the picture and brainstorm each main circle TOPIC and then look for overlap!

Learn More

See More

See all of my Ikigai content that came from this article – all in one place:

  • Worksheets, including the diagram
  • My presentation on this topic
  • The slide deck – with all sorts of goodies!

Reach out for career coaching!

#Career #Ikigai #Profession #Pursuit #Purpose #Passion

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Likes and views are greatSo don’t miss it when people tag you in! Here are 3 #TipsThatPOP to never miss a key comment on LinkedIn:

  1. Go to Notifications on a browser
  2. Scroll for the timeframe you missed
  3. Search for each of these 3 terms…
  • replied to your
  • mentioned you in
  • commented on your

Then search them all and reply!

Special shout out to W. Kevin Ward for doing a video on this and getting me dig in more!

Are you a Night Owl, Early Bird or 3rd Bird?

Here are the 3 “chronotypes” & the best ways to directly impact your #happiness and #productivity.

  • We usually peak during the morning, drop swiftly in the afternoon and climb back up in the evening weekdays, regardless of race or nationality.

NIGHT OWLS: 20-25% peak at 9PM for thinking analytically, while the morning is for creative and insightful tasks. They prefer to get down to business late, and tend to experience their positive rebound in the morning.

EARLY BIRDS: tend to experience the peak, trough and rebound a few hours earlier than normal. They’re also usually a bit more stable, happy, agreeable and introverted than the rest.

3RD BIRDS: 60-80% (neither early birds nor owls) find the morning peak best to handle analytical tasks that require a logical, focused and disciplined mind. As for tasks that require more abstract or “outside the box” thinking, this is best handled during the rebound of the late afternoon and early evening.

ALL: schedule the mindless, busy-work tasks during the afternoon trough. And if you’re trying to get a favorable decision from someone, always try to book a morning appointment.

SOURCE: WHEN by Daniel Pink

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Are you an ALL-STAR on LinkedIn? It’s easy and critical for #jobs & #leads, but not enough! #ProfilePopUp 192 [captioned] shows WHY & HOW! We’ll cover this:

  • 0:18 – learn the benefits
  • 0:45 – what is required for ALL-STAR
  • 2:48 – how you can do better!

At a minimum, your profile needs to have an ALL-STAR status. But you need so much more! You’ve got 7 seconds…

Here are 3+ tips for 1st impressions!
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This was my 2nd #ProfilePopUp for Mic Adams, an Android video review showing LinkedIn tips & tricks that help get Profiles That 🅿🅾🅿!™

What It Is

A #ProfilePopUp started from my #3freetips article – which was a way to help others, show expertise & maybe earn business.

I wanted this to go well, because I saw so much upside to it. People can see the value I’m offering for free, apply it themselves, and maybe pay it forward by doing something similar for someone else!

A win-win-win!

Let’s See It!

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After getting a #ProfilePopUp - Imagine working with Profiles That POP!™
After getting a #ProfilePopUp – Imagine working with Profiles That POP!™

#ProfilesThatPOP 🌟 #prospects & #jobs by ATTRACTING #leads & #recruiters

How to Connect on Linkedin the Best Way - Jared J. Wiese - Profiles That POP!™
How to Connect on Linkedin the Best Way – Jared J. Wiese – Profiles That POP!™

A year ago I wrote a post on how to connect in 3 steps – whether on the app or browser. It’s still true today. Maybe more than ever!

❝It’s sad the way people connect on LinkedIn. No wonder they never hear back!

There are dozens of ways to send generic LinkedIn connection requests. From address book uploads… to People/connections “you may know”… to the myriad of times you see CONNECT.

Just click the easy button!

The problem?

It puts the burden on the receiver to figure out WHY…

Why you want to.

Why they should.

Which means, they are more likely NOT to accept!

So increase your connections the right way

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

➊ is better off personalizing.

But there are only ➋ ways you can

And only ➌ steps on both.

HOW to #PERSONALIZE your LinkedIn #connection#requests:


➊ Go to their PROFILE first!

➋ Click Connect. Note it says, “LinkedIn members are more likely to accept invitations that include a personal note.”

➌ Click “Add a note” instead of just “Send now”.


➊ Go to their PROFILE first!

➋ Tap MORE/… to the right of CONNECT.

➌ Tap “Personalize invite”.

Then ENGAGE a bit!

You know… NETWORK! 😉 ❞