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How Do You DO, LinkedIn?


Why You Need to ENGAGE MORE for the Best LinkedIn Content...

TL;DR➤ See old and new LinkedIn sources, my poll results and takeaways at the end of this article. The results help say it all!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled content for those who want to learn... 😉

Are You Learning?

People don't realize LinkedIn is learning all the time. The question is, are you? A LinkedIn executive gave us rare suggestions on posting better content in 2019. Now, it's got a whole section on LinkedIn. I'll get to both in a sec. Here's why it matters...

For the best LinkedIn content, LinkedIn has to cut through the noise and show you content you want, so you'll stay on the platform.

But it's not JUST about them making more money that way. They want a win-win...

Does LinkedIn Care

❝We have a saying at LinkedIn,❞ they said in 2019.

❝'People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About.

'This is, simply, how we think about the LinkedIn Feed.❞

What’s in Feeds

Per LinkedIn, ❝Posts can appear in your feed because you’re connected to, or follow, the person or page that posted it.

Or because a connection liked, commented, or shared someone else’s post.

You may also see posts from groups you’ve joined, hashtags that you follow, and events you’re attending.❞

Do You Care?

I've bolded the key per LinkedIn, ❝Again, all with the goal of showing you the content and conversations that you care about.❞

And it ties in with Theodore Roosevelt's, “People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Again, content and care.

I'd qualify and combine both quotes... "People [and LinkedIn!] don't care about your content - unless they think it will help others."

But here's the thing... 

It's hard to get content you care about if you don't care to engage!

Best LinkedIn Content

Lurk and get nothing. Go ahead and complain about LinkedIn and the feed. (Did you know you can even REMOVE feed content?)

Follow and/or like initially and the algo gives you a few more shows of that content. It's like tips.

And it's like getting to the next intersection.But if you STOP engaging with someone's content, it disappears from your feed. This means likes, comments, shares.End of the road... You stop getting the results you hoped!

What Goes Viral

Let's be real. People want others to see their content.

But the latest algorithm changes filter content even more. And some viral non-professional content - even from other platforms - still can go viral here! For great tips by LinkedIn, see This Is Now (below) or ask for my post that had key steps for posting great content!

So what's a quality content person to do when inspiration strikes but ❝nobody's home❞? 😉

Quality Over Quantity

Perhaps reward the content creators who post great content!?

ENGAGE with it by saying why in a comment or at the top of a share.

Maybe view their profile. Endorse demonstrated skills.

FOLLOW them. DM them or comment, and tell them why.

Check out their other content from their profile. There's probably more great stuff there!

In the end, you'll get a better feed, they get more engagement which keeps their content in the feed...

A Win-Won!

Now you know why I say...

❝Follow for tips...


Some Good Takeaways

NOTE: this original poll post had 26,000+ views, 470+ votes and 112+ comments.

The votes were as follows:

  • Lurk 10% (48 votes)
  • Reactions 23% (107 votes)
  • Really Engage 65% (310 votes)
  • OTHER 2% (9 votes)

See the 112+ comments?

Here are 7+ Tips to get the Best Content out of Your LinkedIn Feed... You might say, to get #ProfilesThatPOP!

That Was Then

Here was the original blog post from executive, Pete Davies in 2019...

What's in your LinkedIn feed: People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About

I loved it when it came out and remember it still!

This Is Now

Since then, LinkedIn turned that blog post into a feature FAQ for to help LinkedIn content creators...

They said more in early 2021...

And for more Content Best Practices check this out...

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