The 3 Big Costs and Opportunities of LinkedIn Resume Writing Services


You don't want to just Spray 'n Pray résumés or business cards!

Yet, one of the first questions I get is "what do you charge?" Realize, you have an opportunity cost too.

It means there's a cost to you the longer it takes you to effectively update your résumé or LinkedIn.

Even after you spend time, you may not get the results. Again, more delays on that better salary or lead income.

Obviously I have a cost for my services. My goal is to get you more opportunities as fast as possible, and coach as we go.

Why coach? Because you need to know what you're up against in this new post-COVID world.

The Wrong Costs

Some Resume Writers charge $,$$$ for the résumé and "a couple hundred" for LinkedIn. 

That's the wrong approach, too expensive and less effective.

But if you're still FOCUSED on FEES let's get that out of the way to see if we're a FIT...


Instead of focusing only on COSTS, focus on proof and invest in yourself. THAT's your opportunity.

I use unbiased tools to check your résumé and LinkedIn initially, during and after our work.

Then I use proven research, my experience and common sense to ensure it is working...



  • I collaborate to get at your value - not follow a cookie-cutter template or quiz
  • I distill it down, make it POP and prove it's working
  • I coach you why you have seconds - and get you back in charge of the rest of your career!

Resume Writing

  • Most people send average resumes and hope they land a job.
    That's called Spray 'n Pray.
  • Most companies scan your résumé with an ATS but then candidates hear nothing.
    Even if a recruiter is involved, it can disappear into a Black Hole. That's called ghosting.
  • Some people know they need an ATS-Complaint resume, but that focusing only on the science.
    There's an art to it as well to sell you in seconds - after the ATS scan.

LinkedIn Optimization

Now, with LinkedIn it's a different story altogether! I get you proof that it's working with the following:

  • Optimizing 70+ LinkedIn settings to get you SEEN
  • Leveraging LinkedIn with keywords, skills & content to get you SEARCHED
  • Collaborating in 26 steps to make you POP and get you SELECTED

This process saves you time, saves you from Spray 'n Pray, ghosting and proves you are attracting your audience for more opportunities.

Career Coaching

Clients tell me my coaching alone was worth the value. See I coach throughout.
I explain in more detail all the above and many other things you are up against in hiring and marketing today.

Resumes and business cards alone no longer work!

For more details, choose on any of my services above.


A ResumeREDO typically takes a few days. My ResumesThatPOP!™ package can take a couple weeks, with multiple updates and scans to tailor résumés to different possible jobs.

My LinkedIn Profiles That 🅿🅾🅿!™ process can take 1-3 weeks, depending on how much collaboration is needed.
It also depends on how many revisions we need to get content found in searches and more profile views to prove it is working.

My 1-hour and less coaching is designed to answer one-time questions. My 3-hour career coaching package helps when we need to focus more time on an area.

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