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Creator of
ProfilesThatPOP!™ LLC

I've been in your shoes. 

As a job seeker, not sure I'd have a consulting client the next week to unemployed.

I've also been on both sides of hiring and gotten a job with relocation the day after uploading my resume. (Don't try that. It no longer works!)

As an entrepreneur, doing everything organically - like this page and free LinkedIn content - to bring in leads.

See, we never learned how to "sell ourselves" in school. Heck, I still have a hard time with sales.

That's why sometimes you need more. You need a coach on your side who gets it!

I'm passionate about giving you the best shot at loving Mondays again! Putting you back in charge or your career or business.

I help jobseekers & businesses who have great career backgrounds, but struggle to show it and attract their audience.

Whether that's for leads or jobs.

What is 🅿🅾🅿!™? ➤ Your (P)erformance + My (O)ptimization =Your (P)otential for leads and jobs.

What I offer

  • Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Career Coaching

3 reasons why

  • 97%+ of resumes don't even pass the application
  • 97%+ of people check your LinkedIn
  • Nobody else proves their work

My process

For jobseekers I start with a free 3rd party resume scan. This shows us what's needed. 

For jobseekers or businesses, I give steps to check your LinkedIn. (See below for free check.)

I save you time, money & frustration, and prove you POP!™ when we're done.

more about me

I've been helping on LinkedIn since 2016, been named a LinkedIn Expert, and got a job the day after a one-word profile change.

I've been writing resumes since 2005 - and got a job the day after posting mine.

I do not outsource my work to someone who has no clue about LinkedIn.

Be careful of most resume writers who claim to be LinkedIn experts.

Here's what I've done on LinkedIn for free since 2016...

My LinkedIn Stats 2016-01-01 to 2022-05-08

I'm passionate about helping, explaining 1:1 or doing it mostly for you...

Because the hiring system and lead generation are broken.

You need someone in your corner...

posted November 10, 2017

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