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About Me

Hi! I'm Jared

Founder and CEO of ProfilesThatPOP!™

I've been in your shoes.

As a job seeker, I've been let go, on the bench and on both sides of hiring. I've gotten a job 1 day after uploading my resume (which no longer works!), and 1 day after a 1-word change on LinkedIn. I've even talked my way back into a job after a rejection letter!

As an entrepreneur, doing everything organically. Like posting free LinkedIn content and reviews. All to help others and bring in leads.

See, we never learned how to "sell ourselves" in school. Heck, I still have a hard time with it: I'm not a sales-y guy! I prefer what I used to think was Ikigai. Now I know it as career fulfillment:

That's why sometimes you need more. You need a coach on your side who gets it! 

I'm passionate about giving you the best shot at loving Mondays again! I put you back in charge or your career or business.

Contact me for more help or see me helping others.


Today you have just seconds to attract your audience. Whether that's recruiters for jobs or leads for business. So I created proven ways to get you searched, viewed and chosen. On your terms.

I make Profiles That POP!™ the best jobs: 

your Performance 

+ our Optimization 

= your Potential for more interviews and jobs.