Why LinkedIn Resume Writing for ProfilesThatPOP!

If you don’t realize it already, hiring has changed. Today, you need a lot more than cookie-cutter, mass template, junior Resume Writing Services. You need Profiles That POP!™ in 5 seconds or less.

Instead of spray and pray of resumes for jobs, or business cards for leads, put your eggs in the LinkedIn basket to ATTRACT more opportunities: get seen, searched and selected!

Not sure how? That’s where our career coaching comes in. For professionals with great experiences but trouble telling it, to C Suite executives, to small businesses who need to rebrand and organically market to their audience.

Don’t believe us…
Ladders found in 2012 we had 6 seconds. Then in 2018, they upped it to 7 seconds. There’s a reason why. ATS and attention spans.

Forbes confirmed the 5 seconds in 2018. What do you think it is with COVID-19?

Just need a resume?

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❝99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS❞ SOURCE: Jobscan
❝99% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS❞ SOURCE: Jobscan

We’ll do a free ATS Scan to prove it!

Why Leverage LinkedIn

Until 2012 you could put your resume on a job board or hand out business cards. Then the recession ended, a worldwide market boomed, and businesses couldn’t keep up.

Their attention spans shrank and they moved to AI and ATS systems.

Plus with LinkedIn what used to work by handing out business cards or resumes to a room of people not only stopped working, but you now can do it to an audience of millions! You’ve heard of Six Degrees of Separation, right? It’s why LinkedIn was made and there’s even a patent on it.

Confused yet?!

No worries! That’s where our Coaching comes in!

So, how else can we help?

Our Processes

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So – What’s YOUR Problem?!

Still have questions?

ATTRACT leads or recruiters with a proprietary 26-step process, that POPs your brand and more opportunities.


  • School never taught you to manage a career or promote a business
  • There are limits to what you can do yourself
  • People struggle to sell themselves

That’s why you need to Profiles That POP!™…

Need something else?


  • We coach you to take your career to the next level
  • We are passionate about helping YOUR career or business
  • We help you leverage the seconds you get to land that lead or job



Hi! My name is Jared J. WIESE, the founder of ProfilesThatPOP!™

Jared J. WIESE - Founder of ProfilesThatPOP.com!™ Jobs & Leads - LinkedIn Profile Resume Writer and Coach
Jared J. WIESE – Founder of ProfilesThatPOP.com!™ Jobs & Leads – LinkedIn Profile Resume Writer and Coach

Thanks for the interest in me, but I’d rather learn more about you and how my services can help you get more JOBS♦️LEADS♦️JOY!

If you insist…

But if you insist, here’s more about me… 😉

I got my start with a programming degree. Yet I was never the type to bang out code in a cubicle. I was always asking WHY.

Eventually this led to me becoming an IT Business Analyst where I’d find out what the business wanted, translate it, then go the the tech guys to see if it was possible. I got quite good at it, learning how to spell things out, stay in scope and get buy in.

This was actually a great background for me helping others with their careers – the business of YOU! Today, I help job seekers attract recruiters, businesses find and turn leads into prospects, and train individuals and groups how to maximize LinkedIn.

So, what’s your problem? 😉