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Why Career Coaching

We help you love Mondays with Career Coaching centered on Fulfillment - finding your PASSION and PURPOSE, not just you talents and a job!

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Why do you wake up in the morning? Especially Mondays?!

Is it for a CAREER you LOVE? If not, consider the Career Fulfillment Circles

I revised a purpose Venn diagram that many confuse with the Japanese Ikigai (ee-kee-guy). 

I tied it better to careers and made it more memorable with 4 Ps of Passion+Purpose+Pursuit+Profession.

Career Fulfillment Circles

One way to understand it is to reflect on the interrelation of the 4 Ps:

  • PROFESSION: What knowledge and skills can you be paid for?
  • PURSUIT: What can you get paid well for doing that many people need?
  • PURPOSE: What are you drawn to that the world needs?
  • PASSION: What things do you love doing, naturally?

The American Dream

Many of us start chasing the dream on the left of the big circle, focusing on an education without a clear picture of what we want to do for work. This gives us TALENTS which we then use to seek a PROFESSION.

We follow "down the right path", looking for a job that PAYS. We have to pay the bills and all those student loans!

As we master our craft, we start up in Pursuit of a better VOCATION, as we finally get a sense of what the world really NEEDS.

Finally, we tire of the rat race and look for more of a PURPOSE (MISSION) and PASSION to address our true LOVES.

Where's Your Point?

Now, this is how most people take the path. It's also why most of us feel like we are circling the drain, never quite loving our jobs. Which are YOU doing?

Are you one of the lucky few, born with a green thumb or an artist's eye, who followed your passions and didn't care about money?

Did this all seem obvious and silly to you, as you figured it all out without even going to school? Maybe you are one of the lucky 15% who doesn't hate their work?

posted September 8, 2019

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