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Creator and CEO of
ProfilesThatPOP!™ LLC

I've been in your shoes:

  • Unsure of having a job the next week. (No more!)
  • Following unclear job seeking advice. (Not knowing what to believe.)
  • Realizing it was up to me. (Nobody is going to 'give' you a job!)

But I've also got experience:

  • On both sides of hiring. (You can't imagine what is done!)
  • Landing a job the day after uploading my resume and another after a 1-word LinkedIn profile change. (Don't try it. They no longer work!)
  • I help others organically and alone. (And get leads daily!)
We never learned to "sell ourselves".
That's why sometimes you need more.
You need a coach on your side who gets it!

I'm passionate about giving you the best shot at loving Mondays again!
Putting you back in charge or your career or business.

posted April 12, 2021

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