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Social proof is hugely important! Think of that last purchase from Amazon. Didn't you consider the reviews?

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Plus, recommendations/testimonials are a Win-Win! it's more visibility for both the giver and receiver. Nothing like a little Karma kickback! 😉 So, if we've helped you, please consider a LinkedIn RECOMMENDATION, a Google REVIEW or a Quick Testimonial.

And as you can see in the tips below, when asking for them give the specific keywords you'd like to be mentioned up front. In our case, it's LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Resume Writing and Career Coaching! Why? People may only skim them and/or be show the first 100 characters!

What LinkedIn Recommends to Help Best

LinkedIn says a quality recommendation is worth more than skill endorsements.

  • A recommendation gives social proof, making you more credible. It also gives more visibility to the giver!
  • A poor recommendation might actually hurt. See 11 Sloppy LinkedIn Mistakes That You're Too Qualified to Make (The Muse). You can hide recommendations if you need to.
  • Endorsements and Recommendations that don’t really say anything about your value are worthless. This includes sentences like, “She is great” or “I recommend her.” But you can’t put the blame on the person who gave you the recommendation. Instead, ask them for more context...

The Best Tips for Recommendations That Actually Help

Here’s the secret: Give more than you receive! 

  • When you give one, it encourages the receiver to want to give one to you, while making you look good. Don’t be afraid of having 1:2 or even up to 1:4 ratio of received/given!
  • Endorsing skills works the same way. Give to receive.
  • But when common sense isn't so common and they don't reciprocate, ask...

How to Ask for Really Helpful Recommendations

How to Write Amazing Recommendations That Actually Help

For example, here's what others say about us...


In a sea of self-professed LinkedIn experts, resume doctors, and career coaches, Jared backs up his vision with superior results!

In a sea of self-professed LinkedIn experts, resume doctors, and career coaches, Jared backs up his vision with superior results.

After contact with countless “experts”, Jared’s enthusiasm for LinkedIn promotion and resume development caught my eye. Admittedly, as Jared described his process I thought to myself “This almost sounds too good to be true”. Early in the process, it became clear that Jared possesses top-notch LinkedIn profile engineering and resume building skills.

In any project, organization is important. In the career advise world, organization is in woefully short supply. Jared, on the other hand, structures his work around a MASSIVE checklist, covering every detail he promised to address and others that I would have had no idea to pursue. The checklist organized our progress and feedback, leaving no idea left unaddressed, regardless of its importance.

We’ve all been a client at one point. Sometimes, we find a “checklist” serves and a tool to hurry through to simply get the job done. I’m happy to report that I received tons of tips, advise, and best practices throughout the way. One of the final notes came from an item early in the process. It showed me that Jared is always thinking of ways to improve my situation.

The work-world would be a better place if everybody learned from Jared on how to organize a project, continually find ways to build value, and simply ask for feedback to make sure the client is completely satisfied.

In today’s world of computer keyword screens and other shenanigans, you need Jared on your side.

Eric Emery was a client of Jared’s Product Manager at Univar Solutions

Managing your career is hard work; maximize the value of your resume and your LinkedIn Profile [with] Jared Wiese…

Managing your career is hard work and many of us need a little help doing it. If you are looking for someone who can help you maximize the value of your resume and your LinkedIn Profile, you need look no further than Jared Wiese.

I have known Jared for a little over a year now and I have been impressed with his Career Development skills from the very beginning. He knows how to help you get your career on the right track and keep it there by making sure you show the value that you bring in both a resume and on LinkedIn.

He is constantly learning something new and passing that knowledge along to his clients and network. IMHO he is one of the top LinkedIn experts in the country and his professional and personal demeanor make him a perfect Career Coach.

I highly recommend that you connect with Jared and see how he can help you. I am very glad that I did!


Resume and LinkedIn profile got a fantastic makeover…

I had the pleasure of hiring Jared to give my resume and LinkedIn profile a fantastic makeover. Jared has many fresh and plentiful (and I mean A LOT) ideas on not only these two facets but also SEO, name it!

He goes above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with his work, and was able to effectively listen to my ideas and implement them the way it made sense to me.

Don't get me wrong, Jared will tell you his honest opinions and why things work the way they do, and that's why you hire him. So hire him!

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