Job Search Strategies: 15 New Ideas For Your LinkedIn Profile

JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES (PART 1 of 5)➤ 15 New Ideas for Your LinkedIn Profile

Job Search Strategies are key to being found on LinkedIn for jobs.

How key?

Being found on LinkedIn just might be the key to your career search. According to Jobscan, 87% of corporate recruiters use this platform to find and source candidates…
there’s no better place to be for job seekers…
how you present yourself online is key to creating interest, interviews & opportunities…

Here are the first 3 Job Search Strategies and my take on them…

1. MAKE FRIENDS FAST: ❝if you don’t have over 500 connections, you’re kinda invisible on LinkedIn. Looks like it’s your 1st time at the rodeo and you haven’t discovered where the horsies are yet.❞
MY TAKE: Can’t get to the rodeo without “500+”

2. PICTURE THIS: ❝maybe people aren’t connecting with you because you don’t have a profile pic…
Think professional and pick a pic that shows who you are.❞
MY TAKE: Last sentence key. Doesn’t have to be 💯% “professional”
(Ask for🔗: How to Take a Great Profile Photo)

3. IT’S NOT YOUR RÉSUMÉ: ❝it’s better… you’ve got more room to maneuver and more space for adding keywords…
Amplify the things that matter most…
don’t just leave empty space after a job title or company.❞

Anything to add? Join the conversation on LinkedIn👉

MORE in the next PART…

SOURCE: Chris Westfall on Forbes

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