❝I Just Need a Resume❞

Got it. You just need a resume. Thanks for clarifying that!

But did you know there's a lot more to writing resumes? So, let me ask you:

Will yours even get read? There's evidence that 95% of them won't!

Applicant Tracking Systems

Have you noticed that resumes seem to disappear into a "black hole"? What that black hole has a name. It's called the Applicant Tracking Systems - ATS for short.

That's why you need MORE than a "just a résumé."

And the stats go up to 99% of Fortune 500 companies using an ATS!

The resume writing and application process has significantly changed in the last 9 years.

We Scan For Proof

We often start with an ATS-Resume Scan.

It gives both an unbiased rating on how your resume matches a job.

Then we can see what you really need to get that dream job!

More About Resumes

Why so important:

Ladders did an Eye-Tracking Study with recruiters and found they scan resumes for 6 things in 6 seconds, back in 2012.

They updated their recruiter eye-tracking study in 2018...

Ladders 2018 Recruiter Eye-Tracking Study of Resumes

Bottom Line:

You need MORE than "just a resume"!

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