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How to Use Numbers and Metrics to Write Effective Resume Bullet Points ➤ PART 1


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March 19, 2021 in Uncategorized

❝Of the 250 resumes received on average for each job opening, only 4-6 will garner an interview. This means that 98 percent of applicants are rejected based on their resumes alone.

Improving your resume’s effectiveness can single handedly improve your odds of success in your job search.

Defining a ‘ Stand-Out #Resume ’

Many people take this concept too literally. They end up using pretty graphics, splashy designs, and colorful templates, thinking this will stand out and grab a recruiter’s attention.

Recruiters are substance over style kind of people. What they really care about are your bullet points. Each bullet should further contribute to an employer’s desire to hire you. This is what we call an “effective” bullet point.❞

SOURCE: Resume Worded – and my personal observation

COMMENT ❝PART 2!❞ if you care to see it…



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