Your Opportunity Costs

You want to save money.

But have you thought about

REAL opportunity costs?

If you're not getting results fast,

it costs you more than getting help NOW!

Your Opportunity Costs Speed-Quality-Cost LinkedIn Resume Writing Services

More goes into great LinkedIn and Resume Writing than you think.

Plus, how good are you at selling yourself in the 5-6 seconds you get?

My service pays itself in days. 

How many jobs or leads have you missed?

The longer you wait, the more it costs. 

Each of the following profile viewers could be exactly who you're looking for!...

good-Better-BEST - LinkedIn Profiles That POP!™ #ONO 15X Profile Views - Jared J. WIESE 2.5sec

Jobseeker Opportunity Costs

Not convinced?

Every $25,000 in salary missed costs you $100/day. 

Let me explain... Your Real Cost

An average work year, without holidays, weekends and vacations, is 2,000 hours.

For hourly pay, divide your salary by 2,000.

Then multiply that rate by 8 to get your daily pay.

Looking for a $125,000 salary? Divide that by 2,000h/y...

That's $62.5/h... $62.5*8h= $500/day.

That basically pays for my RésumésThatPOP package.

Go a month without POP?

$500/day * 20 business days

= $10,000 lost!

Business Opportunity Costs

LinkedIn isn't just for jobseekers!

Every $25,000 in LEADS missed

also costs you $100/day!

Costs Per View

As a business, what's your Cost Per Lead/Click (CPL/CPC)?

How much are you spending to get that?

Not Per Ad/Card

I can't tell you how many times clients say they got NOTHING

from paid ads or business cards!

That's why I use a 26-step process to attract LinkedIn organic leads.

I routinely take business clients from double- or single-digit views

to triple-digit LEADS per WEEK

with a few DAYS work...

Charges and Guarantees

My charges are based on both deliverables and time - but always value.

I get key information from you to make the best determination up front.

I offer standard packages starting at $597 and hourly coaching at $199/hour.

My Guarantees

LinkedIn profiles like mine get seen, searched and selected.

Resumes that pass an ATS, POP in 1/2 page and sell in seconds.

Hours of coaching to help you with future jobs, not just the next one.

Your Guarantees

You will respond promptly to all information requests.

You will actively collaborate on your career.

You will follow my coaching and guidance.

About Me

Jared J. Wiese

Creator and CEO of
ProfilesThatPOP!™ LLC

I've been in your shoes. 

As a job seeker, not sure I'd have a consulting client the next week to unemployed.

I've also been on both sides of hiring and gotten a job with relocation the day after uploading my resume. (Don't try that. It no longer works!)

As an entrepreneur, doing everything organically - like this page and free LinkedIn content - to bring in leads.

See, we never learned how to "sell ourselves" in school. Heck, I still have a hard time with sales.

That's why sometimes you need more. You need a coach on your side who gets it!

I'm passionate about giving you the best shot at loving Mondays again! Putting you back in charge or your career or business.

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