Clear charges for your investment

Once you know your opportunity costs, consider the investments below. Then let's get to work.


Get back in charge of your career and know why!




  • Our 1:1 coaching gives you feedback on anything career related...
  • I give you best practices for resumes, LinkedIn, interviews, cover letters, etc.
  • You get clarity on what's best for your career to love Mondays again!
Costs for resume writing services - ProfilesThatPOP


Need more than a resume? Get seen, searched & selected for more opportunities coming to you!


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  • Our 26-step process takes you beyond LinkedIn's minimal "All-Star".
  • I prove you get seen, searched & selected on LinkedIn and Google!
  • You get your audience coming to you, instead of spray and pray the old way! 

*Get in touch about combination discounts, other payment options (PayPal, Venmo & Zelle), or other questions.

Your Unseen Costs

Before focusing on fees, consider your true costs.

Every $25,000 in lost earnings costs you $100/day.

Not to mention the time, frustration and poor results of doing it alone.