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Jared is a wealth of information regarding LinkedIn and how to get the most publicity for your profile, which can be especially important for Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs.

I wish I had found Jared before I spent money with another business to help me professionalize my resume and profile. Their help for my LinkedIn profile was simply to take my resume and copy it into my profile. I gained nothing from it.

While working with Jared, he pointed out the important changes for my profile to get more visibility. Using his tips, my profile jumped to the third position in the LinkedIn search results when searched by job title, up from being buried several hundred positions down the list.

I cannot thank him enough for his help and genuine care for my success in finding a new job. If you are new to LinkedIn or have concerns about your profile, you should go to Jared! There is no one better.

steve -

Steve Sullivan

Client of Jared’s

In a sea of self-professed LinkedIn experts, resume doctors, and career coaches, Jared backs up his vision with superior results. After contact with countless “experts”, Jared’s enthusiasm for LinkedIn promotion and resume development caught my eye.

Admittedly, [as Jared described his process I thought to] myself “This almost sounds too good to be true”. Early in the process, it became clear that Jared possesses top-notch LinkedIn profile engineering and resume building skills.

In any project, organization is important. In the career advice world, organization is in woefully short supply. Jared, on the other hand, structures his work around a MASSIVE checklist, covering every detail he promised to address and others that I would have had no idea to pursue. The checklist organized our progress and feedback, leaving no idea left unaddressed, regardless of its importance.

We’ve all been a client at one point. Sometimes, we find a “checklist” serves and a tool to hurry through to simply get the job done. I’m happy to report that I received tons of tips, advice, and best practices throughout the way.

One of the final notes came from an item early in the process. It showed me that Jared is always thinking of ways to improve my situation. The work-world would be a better place if everybody learned from Jared on how to organize a project, continually find ways to build value, and simply ask for feedback to make sure the client is completely satisfied. In today’s world of computer keyword screens and other shenanigans, you need Jared on your side.

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Eric Emery

Client of Jared’s

Managing your career is hard work and many of us need a little help doing it.

If you are looking for someone who can help you maximize the value of your resume and your LinkedIn Profile, you need look no further than Jared Wiese.

I have known Jared for over four years now and I have been impressed with his Career Development skills from the very beginning. He knows how to help you get your career on the right track and keep it there by making sure you show the value that you bring in both a resume and on LinkedIn.

He is constantly learning something new and passing that knowledge along to his clients and network. IMHO he is one of the top LinkedIn experts on the planet and his professional and personal demeanor make him a perfect Career Coach.

I highly recommend that you follow or connect with Jared and see how he can help you. I am very glad that I did! Namaste ? ?

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Jeff Young

LinkedIn Expert

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